High-Net-Worth Strategies

High-net-worth clients tend to have more complex financial situations and require ways to not only grow, but also protect, leverage, and transfer their wealth. We take a comprehensive, holistic approach and analyze each aspect of a high-net-worth client’s financial well-being.

We partner with established investment management firms specializing in personalized portfolios for high-net-worth individuals, families, and foundations with greater that $1 million in investable assets. These tailored solutions are designed for clients desiring personalized portfolio management strategies that address your unique situation relative to investment objectives, tax sensitivities, income needs, or existing holdings with low cost basis or concentrated positions. Clients’ portfolios are built from the ground up and as holistic investment managers, your assets are managed using a broad spectrum of asset classes; and with existing holdings, a tax-sensitive transition plan is developed to fit your individual needs. Portfolios can also be built to complement non-portable assets, such as current 401(k)s, company stock plans, and other managers.

We coordinate with your CPA to understand your tax exposure and identify potential income tax mitigation strategies.

We look at asset protection and risk management strategies to reduce your risk and safeguard your wealth, including opportunities to improve creditor protection and other insurance policy enhancements.

We discuss philanthropic desires to help you make an impact and create your legacy through planned giving strategies.

In conjunction with your estate planning attorney, we’ll review your estate and legacy plans to help not only protect your wealth, but maximize your wealth transfer and other legacy strategies while maintaining your financial independence.